Peoria, AZ

Peoria, Arizona

Come to Peoria, Arizona, and make a splash in the desert

From the deepest recesses of Bisbee’s Lavender Pit copper mine with its veins of robin’s egg turquoise to the imponderable beauty of the less-visited North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona showcases its ancient architecture like few places on the planet.

And when you add the legendary characters that populated the area, the picture is complete. Geronimo and Cochise, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, Hopi carvers and Navajo silversmiths—from the ancient Anasazi of 1200 B.C. to the innovative Hualapai and their cantilevered glass skywalk 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon, the magic of Arizona is as much man-made as it is God-given.

Central to the state and the ideal launching point for any exploration is Phoenix, the state’s most sophisticated city and state capital. Yet just north, and only minutes from your resort, is Lake Pleasant, which offers a remarkable array of water activities including trout fishing. Summer might not come to mind first as the time of year to vacation in the desert, but if you’re into new experiences, remember that the most productive time to fish in the summer is overnight! Whether you’re vacationing in the Phoenix area to explore the wonders, play in the lake or enjoy a complete change of scenery, you will never be disappointed.

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Your Bluegreen Vacations resort in Peoria

Just 10 minutes from Phoenix in the suburb of Peoria, Bluegreen Vacations offers Cibola Vista Resort and Spa. It’s ideal both as a home base for your desert or lake vacation or a place to be pampered.