Surfside, FL

Surfside (Miami), Florida

Looking for good food and wine in a major city? Miami’s the ultimate.

It’s almost intuitive to understand that vacationing in major cosmopolitan cities invariably lead to unforgettable food and wine experiences for those who seek them. But let’s make this unmistakable: When it comes to the combination of food, wine and electric city excitement, no place is hotter than Miami, and we’re not just talking about the weather.

Yes, it’s warm in the summer, but the heat is beatable thanks to miles of oceanfront beaches including inimitable South Beach and the beautiful Surfside area minutes north. Plus, Miami is mild in the winter. And it has the most incredible sunsets and beautiful city skyline. The pink and gold lights of the high-rises reflect onto crystal-clear Biscayne Bay, creating a blend of color rivaled in beauty only by the starlit night skies.

The international flavor of Miami—you might hear 10 different languages or dialects spoken on any given street corner—extends to the restaurant scene. Culinary masters from around the world deliver everything from Cuban and Mediterranean to Eastern European and Asian. And with just the right wine to complement their creations.

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Your Bluegreen Vacations resort just outside Miami

Bluegreen Vacations offers Solara Surfside™, a homey beachfront resort in a popular shopping and dining area just up Collins Avenue from South Beach, close to the 24-hour craziness but far enough away to offer a respite when you want (or need) it.