New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, Louisiana

If New Orleans is a party haven, it’s also a culinary paradise

New Orleans is a city of infatuation. Even before visiting, its romantic charm seems to seep its way into your preconceived notions of the city. You come for the culture, the food, the history, the sound, and maybe even the party. All of this is reflected in the city’s nonstop joyous and positive atmosphere. One visit and you’ll ask yourself, “Could this be love, or infatuation?”

At every bend of the mighty Mississippi as it meanders through New Orleans and through the bayou down to the Gulf of Mexico, there’s a scenic view that will steal your heart. The great plantations of the nearby River Road reveal a regal past long gone, while the beat of the French Quarter has been echoing steadily for more than 100 years.

Beneath wrought iron balconies and down gaslit corridors, you can feel the city’s French-accented past. While along Bourbon Street, it’s a very different party. New Orleans and all of Louisiana is a foodie’s paradise and the home court of virtually every great chef, from Emeril to Paul Prudhomme to Susan Spicer. From a muffaletta at the Central Grocery or a bite at the Gumbo Shop to an elaborate dinner at any of the great ones—Arnaud’s, Brennan’s, Broussard’s, Antoine’s, K Paul, Emeril’s or Commander’s Palace—a meal in Louisiana is a feast for the eyes, the mouth and the soul.

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Your Bluegreen Vacations resort in New Orleans

Bluegreen Vacations proudly offers Bluegreen Club La Pension. This extraordinary resort at the gateway to the French Quarter is attracting more and more new guests since its remarkable facelift that architecturally and artistically captures the soul of New Orleans. Located just one mile way is our new star resort and coming attraction: The Marquee.