Boyne Falls, MI

Boyne Falls, Michigan

Once you’ve been to Boyne Mountain, it’s all downhill

From Marquette on the shores of Lake Superior to the eastern shore of Lake Michigan to Lake Huron and Lake Erie, Michigan is defined by its lakeshores. The state’s landscape and the beauty of its four dramatic seasons define this beautiful, vacation-friendly state.

Toward the top of the Lower Peninsula lies the best skiing area in the Midwest. The Boyne Mountain area is breathtaking in every season. In spring, as the landscape awakens, the trails come to life with flowers and budding trees. By summer, the lakeshores teem with fishermen, boaters and swimmers, while the art colonies along the lake welcome visitors from across the land. In the autumn, as the leaves change, the beauty of nature is arrayed in reds and golds and oranges—a striking contrast to the towering pines and their ever-present deep green boughs. And then it’s winter, painted with frost and piled with powder fine enough to challenge every skier or snowboarder.

Michigan calls to the nature lover in each of us and never more so than in the winter. It embraces our imaginations and challenges us to ski, breathe deeply and look around. It doesn’t get better than this!

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Your Bluegreen Vacations resort near Boyne Mountain

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