Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada

Viva the casinos, the desert, the fine dining and the golf

For thousands of years, the Mojave desert was a quiet place. And then some rather colorful characters from both coasts set up shop in the southern end of the desert, in a little town called Las Vegas. Once the lights went on in Las Vegas, they were never turned off again.

Today the tourist end of town is bisected by bustling Las Vegas Boulevard and there is, quite literally, a casino on every corner, and most of them offer exquisite dining options. You can enjoy gaming and good food and wine—not to mention unrivaled entertainment and nightlife options—without venturing far off the Strip. How’s that for a cityscape vacation?

Yet there’s plenty to see and do if venturing off the Strip is part of your plan. The desert slumbers beneath the relentless sun and clear night skies. Prepare to be dazzled by Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Death Valley National Park or the greatest of them all—Grand Canyon National Park. And if you’re a golfer, dozens of courses will tantalize you to give desert golf a go. No matter your handicap (or how much money you have left after the casinos), there’s a course ideal for you. So you name it—gaming, food and wine, desert excursion or golfing—Las Vegas has it.

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Your Bluegreen Vacations resort in Las Vegas

Bluegreen Vacations offers Bluegreen Club 36™, situated in an ideal location close to the Strip as well as the all-natural desert beauty that surrounds it.