Bluegreen Vacations’ brand names and trademarks have evolved over the years. Here’s a quick guide to where we’ve been.


Colorful Places to Live and Play

In the 1990s, Bluegreen Corporation had two divisions. Our communities division developed places to live, often near golf courses. Our resorts division had to do with timeshare. Our trademark during this period, Colorful Places to Live and Play, signified both divisions.


The company was renamed from Patten Corporation to Bluegreen Corporation in February 1996.


Original Bluegreen Logo

Our original logo represented blue for waves and water and green for the green of grass or a golf course.


Bluegreen Getaway Station

This brand was used primarily in mall kiosks, designed to sell vacation packages.

Bluegreen Vacations

In 2012, we renamed the company Bluegreen Vacations with a defined purpose of Share Happiness.


Current Bluegreen Logo

The current logo consists of three circles with three colors. The blue and green represent water and land, and the orange represents sunshine and happiness.