What should I expect at a timeshare presentation?

At a Bluegreen timeshare presentation, you should expect to discover the benefits of vacation ownership. During your 90- to 120-minute timeshare presentation, otherwise known as a tour, you’ll have an opportunity to experience Bluegreen’s commitment to delivering great vacations. Here’s what to expect during the presentation:

  • A tour of the Bluegreen vacation property. If you’ve purchased a vacation package, during your stay you will be taken on a full tour of a Bluegreen resort. All benefits of vacation ownership will be reviewed, and all your questions addressed. During the tour, you will have an opportunity see how a Bluegreen Vacation Club ownership can help you take vacation more often, and with all the comforts of home.
  • An invitation to Bluegreen ownership. A Bluegreen Vacations representative will present options for becoming an owner within the Bluegreen Vacation Club. This is accomplished through your purchase of a deeded interest in a vacation property, which entitles you to a regular allotment of Bluegreen Vacation Points. These points can then be exchanged for stays at that property or any other resort in the network, depending on availability and points requirements.

A Sample Bluegreen Tour Itinerary

If you’ve purchased a vacation to Orlando, you’ll be scheduled for a tour of The Fountains resort at some point during your stay. Here’s what to expect during a typical Bluegreen tour at The Fountains.

  • A tour of the resort grounds and recreation areas.
  • An opportunity to view the inside of one of the model resort villas at The Fountains.
  • A chance to learn more about how you can stay at this resort or any of our other resorts, dependent on availability, by becoming a Bluegreen owner. You’ll learn how ownership in the Bluegreen Vacation Club lets you use your points to stay in a resort villa like the one you’ve just toured.
  • You’ll learn how vacation ownership can save you money on your future vacations.
  • Finally, you’ll learn all about the Bluegreen purpose, Share Happiness.

Try Bluegreen for Yourself

To visit a Bluegreen presentation of your own, go on one of our interesting excursions. See you there!