What is the RCI® Exchange program?

RCI is a timeshare company exchange brokerage and our trusted partner. By signing up for RCI membership, a vacation owner within a timeshare company’s network of resorts can exchange his or her points through RCI for stays at out-of-network resorts worldwide. RCI’s network includes over 7,000 resorts and offers a wide range of choice in vacation destinations.

How does the RCI Exchange process work?

The exchange process on RCI is simple.

  • As a timeshare owner, register for an account on RCI’s website.
  • RCI offers two exchange programs, one for a points-based ownership, and a second for fixed week ownership.
  • Search for an exchange vacation and book your reservation. Within a flexible Points system of membership like Bluegreen Vacation Points, you would exchange those points to book the reservation. Owners with a 7-night fixed ownership program would exchange a weekly stay for a stay of equal length.
  • You’ll receive a discounted exchange fee by booking online.
  • You may book a full week stay up to two years in advance of check-in.
  • Cruise vacations are also available within the RCI exchange system.

Refer to RCI’s Frequently Asked Questions for Bluegreen Owners for more information.

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