What is the Bluegreen Vacation Club?

The Bluegreen Vacation Club is a vacation ownership program, or timeshare, that helps you enjoy a better way to take vacations. As a part of the Bluegreen Vacation Club, you’ll join 200,000 owners with a variety of resorts in popular destinations. Owners have access to customized vacation experiences through use of Bluegreen Vacation Points, redeemable for resort stays and other travel options.

How does the Bluegreen Vacation Club work?

  • Ownership interest in a deeded resort is held in trust, enrolling you as a member of the Bluegreen Vacation Club.
  • This entitles you to an annual allotment of Bluegreen Vacation Points to use in exchange for stays at your home resort, or any of our other resorts. Stays are subject to seasonality, length of stay and size of requested accommodations.
  • Ownership is in perpetuity, meaning it can be passed on from generation to generation or bequeathed to someone.
  • Should owners find they need more Points, they can upgrade their membership with additional points and benefits.

How do I join the Bluegreen Vacation Club?

Take a vacation of your own with us and while on your trip, you’ll learn all about the Bluegreen Vacation Club and the benefits of vacation ownership. You’ll also have an opportunity to join the Club and begin planning a lifetime of memorable vacations.