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A lot of the fun of an escape to Myrtle Beach starts weeks before the trip! That’s when you’re still in the planning stage, excited for your getaway and relishing thoughts of lazy days spent seaside, a warm sun on your shoulders, and all that scrumptious fare you crave at a favorite seafood spot.

Those hours of dreaming and research begin to really payoff when you find a great Myrtle Beach week-long vacation deal that lets you make the most of your getaway dollars. But to squeeze even more from your hard-earned beach trip, you’ll want to remember these simple vacation tips.

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Know Before You Go

Consider traveling slightly off season– To determine whether you can travel these times, check for online seasonality calendars. If the date ranges suit your needs, you’ll be happy to find that crowds are smaller and traffic isn’t so congested.

Set up travel alerts– If off-season travel is not an option for your family, make the most of your Myrtle Beach getaway by researching your routes to and from your list of favorite vacation spots. Set up alerts to your smartphone to help you stay ahead of the traffic.

Venture to the Grand Strand State Parks– Get away from the crowds by planning a visit to one of the areas two parks—Huntington Beach State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park. Both offer nature trails and often host free programs.

  • Huntington Beach State Park is a 2500-acre preserve just fifteen miles from downtown. Uncrowded and quiet, it’s a great spot for fishing and nature explorations such as hiking or birdwatching. The park does have an entry fee.
  • Myrtle Beach State Park Imagine a seaside forest of towering trees that’s a quiet, lush and green sanctuary with stunning oceans views. Got it? Now imagine pier fishing, overnight camping, and a nature trail, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of how to spend a perfect vacation day. This park also has a fee for entrance.

Check a local events calendar – discover which festivals or concerts are in store for your stay. Keep everyone happy by planning your itinerary with your family’s favorite activities in mind.

Stop in at the tourism board and visitor’s centers – find coupons to attractions, shopping, restaurants and more. Lots of visitors skip this one, but it can really make a difference in getting the best discounts and tips for your stay.

Travel Safety

We know this, but when visiting a new environment and outside of our routines, we’re too busy having fun and can often forget these common tips.

Always secure all valuables – don’t leave them in your car or in areas of high visibility. You’ll be carrying a lot of stuff, but it’s best to keep the items tucked away in the trunk even while making a quick stop.

Be sure to carry a little cash – you’ll need it for valet tips, fees, or to give kids their own money for small purchases. In Myrtle Beach, ATMs are available throughout the area.

Make the best use of your GPS – this is important not just for directions, but to help you avoid traffic snarls. Traffic can become congested during the busy seasons. Even if you know your route, familiarize yourself with alternates.

Keep a sharp eye out – watch for those sightseeing pedestrians! There are lots of people walking to and from the beach attractions. Be sure to stay alert for small children.

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Plan For The Weather

Summer – this season averages in the high 80s to low 90s during the day, and perfect balmy evenings at around 70 degrees. It’s also the rainiest season.

Autumn – the fall has the driest months in October and November, and temps can dip to the mid-40s at night, though they still rise to a comfortable range of high 60s to high seventies.

Spring – February and March are cool with highs in the 60s, and lows in the high 30s.

Winter – you’ll see temps from the high 30s to low 60s, so it may just be too cold for the beach, but you can still relax and enjoy shows, great restaurants, and shopping.

Watch for lightning – July is the most dangerous month for lightning strikes in Myrtle Beach. As soon as inclement weather threatens, pack up and head for an activity with more shelter, or even indoors.

Stay cool by planning midday breaks – important when the sun is hottest, generally between noon to 2 pm. Take a long lunch, get plenty of fluids, or make time for shopping in air-conditioned malls and stores.

Head to a water park – take a break from the hot sand. Myrtle Wave or Wild Water and Wheels are great choices to enjoy the water while staying cool.

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Myrtle Beach Dining

Take advantage of discounts– Stock up on coupons by visiting or to save on gift certificates before your trip.

Reward good service– Don’t forget to tip. One good turn deserves another, so ask your servers about their favorites spots on the beach or things to do.

Make reservations beachside– eat at least one restaurant with an amazing view, and check for sunset times so you can be sure to catch it. 

Make the fussiest eaters happy– chain restaurants are popular with families who need to know that they’ll find everything they need for the picky little eaters. Myrtle Beach has plenty to choose from and you can be sure to check the menu online. Hard Rock Café, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, and Planet Hollywood are just some of your choices.

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On The Beach

Be sure to get a beach, not bath towel – it’s larger, more absorbent, and big enough to fit you when you decide to sunbathe. Secure the edges so they don’t blow in the breeze. Use sandles, coolers, or bags.

Pack toys for every type of beach activity – from relaxation to getting in some movement and fun exercise! Books and magazines for you, buckets and shovels for the toddlers, and Frisbee or football for teens.

Bring baby powder – you’ll need it to quickly clean sand from your skin. The powder makes it easy for the sand to brush right off.

Be sure to pack ziplock bags – you’ll also need shopping bags to keep electronics safe from water and sand. You can still use hand gestures on your screens without removing them from their protective barriers.

Freeze foods to save cooler space – water bottles and even grapes can be frozen and packed to help keep the other food items nice and cool. They’ll also soothe a sunburn in a pinch.

Our Most Important Tip

The biggest tip of all is to take advantage of our weekend Harbour Lights special. Enjoy resort-style accommodations and learn about becoming a Bluegreen Owner!


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