New Multimedia Project Gives Voice to Bluegreen Vacations’ Purpose

Boca Raton, Fla., – September 17, 2013—Bluegreen Corporation (“Bluegreen Vacations”), an industry leader in vacation ownership sales, marketing, hospitality and resort management, today introduced “Our Voices,” an ongoing multimedia project that invites owners and associates to reflect on the meaning of Bluegreen Vacations’ purpose, “share happiness.”

“Our Voices” is a mosaic wall of thumbnail images that resides on a special page of Each thumbnail is linked to the video snippet of a company associate or Bluegreen Vacations Club owner discussing how “share happiness” relates to the experience of vacationing with friends and loved ones or, in the case of associates, providing service that facilitates or enhances those experiences. The subjects were among hundreds interviewed in 2012 and 2013 by a Bluegreen Vacations video team dispatched on a “Share Happiness Tour” to company offices and resorts in Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina and elsewhere. The thumbnail mosaic will grow and change as more existing snippets are posted and additional interviews are conducted.

“Everybody loves vacations. Everybody feels strong emotions when they think about times together with family. ’Our Voices’ is a dynamic way for us to present those genuine emotions,” said Izzy Pycher, Vice President of Creative Marketing. “It perfectly complements our extremely powerful ‘Share Happiness’ video.”

“The interactive element makes ‘Our Voices’ especially appealing,” added Ahmad Wardak, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing. “People can pick and choose whomever they want to hear. It’s a groundbreaking way for us to deliver the message behind our purpose of sharing happiness. I also like the fact that we’ve included our associates in this project. They believe in our purpose as much as we hope our owners do, and this provides an opportunity for them to express it. We love vacations for the same reasons our owners do and want to do all we can to make great vacations possible for them.”

Click here to interact with “Our Voices.”

Click here to view “Share Happiness,” Bluegreen Vacations’ 2013 Bronze Telly Award-winning purpose video.