The Hammocks at Marathon

Club Resort

The Hammocks at Marathon Overview

Swingin’ in the breeze at The Hammocks
With a name like The Hammocks at Marathon, this resort’s biggest draw is obvious —relaxation. Whether at the tiki bar, by the pool, or on your balcony, you can’t help but relax. Lush tropical landscaping at the entrance, the saltwater coral reef aquarium in the lobby, the tiki torches that dot the property terrain—everything about the Hammocks tells you you’re somewhere that time slows down. The palm trees sway in tune with the ocean’s breeze. The drink blender hums in the distance, morning, afternoon and night. Time is slower. Life is easier. And every day just gets better during your vacation in the Florida Keys.

Onsite amenities
The vacation villas at this bayside resort are perfectly situated to give you views of nature and wildlife you might never have seen before. Survey the lagoon to find parrotfish, tarpon and lobster. Admire the beauty of egrets, herons and pelicans among the mangroves. You might even see an iguana—but you’ll have to look closely, because the vegetation at the resort is as dense as it is beautiful. You’ll also find palm trees, hammocks and tiki torches as well as a shimmering pool and relaxing hot tub. To help you enjoy an exciting day at sea, the resort offers on-site kayak, boat and Jet Ski® rentals. You can even charter a fishing boat when you’re not busy sitting at the tiki bar. Talk about an amazing island vacation!

The Hammocks at Marathon is a Club Resort.

1688 Overseas Highway
Mile Marker 48

Marathon, FL 33050