Share Happiness

At Bluegreen Vacations, our purpose is to share happiness.

We believe in the power of vacation. We believe vacations make people happier by sharing time together, smiles and memories.

For decades researchers have examined the direct correlation between vacations and happiness, and the results reveal a simple truth we’ve actually known all along; the more vacations we take and the more time we spend with our families, the happier we become.

Vacations lead to healthier, fuller lives. When choosing between a major purchase such as a new car or going on vacation, experts agree that a vacation is the wiser choice. While material goods may make us happy over the short term, memories last forever.

Bluegreen Vacations has the perfect way to create memories and share happiness through our Bluegreen Vacation Club®. We think of it as sustainable happiness.

Our resorts portfolio offers the choice of many different destinations and unique vacation experiences. Our Points system offers endless flexibility to craft vacations that fit your lifestyle. And the quality of our service and our resorts guarantees you the very best vacation possible with your loved ones and friends.

Vacation is where our heart is, and the resorts, destinations and experiences available through Bluegreen Vacations have won the hearts of over 200,000 owners and counting.

We invite you to share the journey with us. And above all, to share happiness.