Why Bluegreen?

Every day at Bluegreen provides the opportunity for you to add another chapter to the story of your personal success and happiness. Your colleagues continue to write theirs as well. Opportunities for advancement abound. You deserve a successful and rewarding career – we have one for you!

Life at Bluegreen

WE BELIEVE in the Power of Vacation. We believe vacations make people happier and our core values of care, trust, passion, humility, make our work lives happier.

WE LIVE our purpose—share happiness—every day by living our values every minute. We want care, trust, passion and humility to always guide our relationships with the public and with one another.

WE SUPPORT nonprofit groups and activities in our communities year-round, and not just by writing corporate checks. We invite every associate to become active in grassroots fundraising. We believe so much in sharing happiness by sharing our time and talents that we offer every qualified associate 16 paid leave hours every year to volunteer in the community.

WE ARE COMMITTED to putting great thought and energy into getting to know you as an applicant—well enough to match your talent with the position best suited not only to your skillset but also to your personality and background. We’re committed to providing the daily environment, opportunities and support that will allow you to be happy and productive and to grow a career. Our success at this is confirmed internally every year by consistently high Associate Satisfaction and Engagement survey scores, and externally by our inclusion on Achievers’ list of the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces®.

You Have Our Word

On Social Responsibility: We are good neighbors in our communities. We believe in moving forward by giving back. We are invested in “going green” in every possible aspect of our business, from resort construction and renovations to paperless billing initiatives. In the realm of philanthropy, we will continue to support charities and nonprofit organizations in our communities through corporate sponsorships, by encouraging associate participation in fundraising for our selected charities and by creating incentive and opportunity for associates to engage in personal volunteer work.

On Diversity: We value diversity and inclusion. We understand that every group—and every individual member of a group—synthesizes a unique combination of cultural, educational and life experiences in every work decision or action. Together those decisions and actions lead us not only to collective business success but also individual mutual understanding.

On Wellness: Your overall wellbeing, not merely your work product, will be of foremost importance to us. We’ll encourage you to take advantage of many wellness initiatives and benefits that keep you and your family happy and healthy. We’ll do all we can to provide you with healthy challenges to meet and camaraderie to enjoy. We’ll do all we can to make you feel good about coming to work every day.

To you as an associate: You are an associate because we believe we are a great fit for you and you are the best fit for us. We pledge to support you every way we can to help you build a career with us. We will make every effort to provide you with the guidance and overall positive environment that enables you to do your best work.

Choose Wisely

We know you have valuable talents, strengths and traits to offer. We also know we are vying with other employers in a competitive marketplace. We hope that, after exploring all your possibilities, you choose Bluegreen to provide you with the best opportunity for a successful career.

Top 10 Reasons

10. You’ll work at a place that’s obsessed with customer satisfaction and going the
extra step to surprise and delight our owners.

9. Your co-workers will be people who are innovative, have integrity, are trustworthy,
and strive to keep things simple.

8. You’ll be in an environment that proactively champions wellness.

7. You’ll feel good about participating when we give back to our communities.

6. You’ll work in an environment that values inclusion and believes that our individual
differences in culture, background and experiences add up to our collective strength.

5. Your successes will be celebrated—and you’ll celebrate the success of others.

4. You’ll feel cared for personally as well as professionally.

3. You’ll always find an open door or other avenue of communication when you need
to express a concern or ask a question.

2. You’ll build toward career opportunities at virtually every experience level.

1. You’ll have many opportunities to make a difference.

Grow Your Skills

Just as Bluegreen recognizes the direct correlation between vacationing and happiness, it recognizes a connection between learning and happiness (as derived from higher performance and greater personal success.) We are committed to making learning and development opportunities available to every associate, including the development of leadership potential. We express this commitment through a variety of formal and informal channels.

Every day at Bluegreen brings an opportunity for you to grow professionally. We all feel better about ourselves when we gain a skill that enables us to accomplish something we couldn’t accomplish yesterday. At Bluegreen, we recognize learning makes us feel happier, more fulfilled and ambitious to learn even more. Learning makes us stronger performers and separates us as potential leaders and innovators.

Learning and development are rooted in our culture because they relate to our core values. Learning to better invite, serve, provide, explain, listen and assist leads to higher recognition of how to care. Group learning and discussion increases our appreciation for diversity and sense of inclusion, which builds trust. Identifying and honing our natural talents, and seeing the results, makes us more passionate about our work. Never assuming mastery or complacency is one facet of humility.

The company provides a variety of formal training programs in certain divisions for leaders and emerging leaders recommended by their supervisors. An equally formal channel, though more independent in nature, is the company’s Education Assistance Program, in which eligible associates are reimbursed for accredited undergraduate and graduate college coursework taken to enhance their Bluegreen career.

Formal internal learning programs include:

New Hire Orientation: It’s natural to feel anxious, apprehensive and maybe intimidated on your first day of work, but we’re committed to making you quickly feel more comfortable. As a new associate, you’ll participate in a relaxed yet fast-moving and interactive orientation program that steps you through the business, exposes you to the company culture and policy, and gives you an overview of company benefits. You’ll soon be confident and feel like part of the team.

Position-specific training: These programs prepare associates for specialized responsibilities. Examples include National Field Sales & Marketing training; “Boot Camp” for new Retail Marketing managers; Hospitality Happens Here™ training, which imparts standards and practices to front-line resort associates; and customer care training for front-line service center associates.

Ethics & Compliance training: Building a strong, values-based culture is one reason we take our annual ethics and compliance training so seriously. Bluegreen Vacations is committed to doing business with honesty and integrity, in careful compliance with the law.  All associates play an important role in our success and help us fulfill our organizational purpose of share happiness. How we do our jobs everyday supports our organization’s ability to deliver quality and make a positive impact in our communities.

All Bluegreen associates receive training at work related to our organizational purpose, our core values and ethical conduct. Our values help explain the required behaviors in our culture and our workplaces. Training provides for an open discussion around what ethical behavior looks like within an organization, it raises awareness, and stimulates conversation around ethical issues that emerge daily in our environments. It provides all associates with tools and resources to address ethical issues in alignment with our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and our stated organizational values.

iLearn: A learning management system that provides associates with a tailored learning environment for their individual needs as a learner and is both a web-hosted and mobile solution. It enables learning activities to be tied to both performance management and career development goals by associating learning activities with the competencies being developed, hence the individualized learning system that the iLearn name represents. We are able to provide distance or online learning for all of our geographically dispersed associates.

Emerging Leadership: The program prepares nominated participants for transition from peer to manager, provides learning tools and activities for practicing the application of leadership skills, promotes understanding of the value of investment in associates and leveraging relationships, and helps participants sharpen focus and clarify goals. Furthermore, it helps business units identify leadership talent; provides in-depth information about Individual Development Plans; and helps participants develop their own unique personal branding.

Management Skills Sessions: These sessions, which serve about 40 managers and supervisors a year, provide basic reinforcement of the competency being trained; facilitate thoughtful conversation with other managers; promote thought and discussion about what really matters to associates, embed learning and critical reflection into a manager’s work day; and increase performance through individual and group learning. Topics include communication, listening, teamwork, innovation training, coaching and decision-making.

Informally, the company also provides opportunities for individual personal learning through coaching and mentorship; and social and group learning.