Vacations provide a necessary physical and emotional reset by exposing you and your family to new and exciting places, geographies, people and shared experiences. That's the beauty of vacations; they take you somewhere different, away from home and the same old routine. Choose to go somewhere you’ve never been before, or return to a favorite place that makes your heart happy.

And that’s a big part of what makes Bluegreen Vacations so special. Bluegreen resort destinations span the U.S., from the sand dunes of Cape Cod to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. They dot the Tennessee Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, cluster in the Missouri Ozarks and follow the along the Gulf Coast up the sunny Florida peninsula. They continue on through the Lowcountry of coastal Georgia and South Carolina’s Grand Strand, and swing north along the Eastern Seaboard.

You’ll also find our resorts near snowy slopes in Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire, and along the warm turquoise waters of Aruba in the Caribbean. They’re short walks from chic, cosmopolitan boutiques in Chicago and New York City, and ‘round the corner from rural general stores in Shenandoah and Gatlinburg, too. If you’ve got a boat, they’re also located somewhere near a marina–and in some places they’ll even provide you a dock slip for free.

No matter which destination you choose to experience, one thing remains reassuringly constant; the outstanding comfort, quality, service and amenities you and your family will enjoy during a stay at every Bluegreen Vacations resort.

US Destinations

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