Marathon, FL

Marathon, Florida

A Marathon of sun and fun

Known as “the heart of the Florida Keys,” because of its central location in the string of islands off the southern coast of Florida, Marathon is a family-based, community-oriented city. As a former fishing village, the traditions of sea living are still prevalent—restaurants and shops are ocean-oriented, family-friendly seafood festivals are popular, and Salt Life stickers are plastered to the backs of cars.

Marathon’s natural surroundings create activities for everyone. Sailing, fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and beach games are popular things to do in Marathon. There is even a hardwood grove at Crane Point, in case you want to spend some time on the dry side.

Of course, Key West is less than an hour away. Just head south and you will find Mallory Square and its nightly Sunset Celebration. Sombrero Reef is a federally protected area that has the United States’ only living coral barrier reef. There also are shipwrecks for divers to explore. Rent or charter a fishing boat and go out to the big fish. Catch tuna in the winter and dolphin (mahi mahi, not the Flipper variety) in the summer. But speaking of the Flipper variety, the Dolphin Research Center is in Marathon, too. There you can swim with the dolphins to start out your island vacation in the Keys.

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