Marble Hill, GA

Marble Hill, Georgia

Discover scenic, yet eclectic, North Georgia

North Georgia is sprinkled with small towns and hospitality. From quaint coffee shops to exquisite antique and art stores, and from home-cookin’ restaurants to five-star foodie joints, Georgia proves that it can maintain its Southern roots while allowing for a bit of change. In Georgia you can experience the bright lights of Atlanta, the subtle trendiness of Athens, or mini-bustle of the the tiny yet touristy town of Blue Ridge.

From northwestern Georgia all the way down to the eastern coast, the authenticity beauty of the great outdoors is a source of state pride. As the cool mountain streams make their way south through the piedmont, they dive from the cliffs and churn the warming reservoirs below, flow through the forests of white pines and eastern hemlocks and feed the rivers and lakes that Georgians love so dearly.

The Chattooga River not only provides beautiful scenery, it also hosts a variety of activities, from rafting and kayaking to swimming and fishing. Lake Blue Ridge is the only place in Georgia where fishers catch muskellunge. Every other lake and river in Georgia houses an abundance of trout, walleye, bluegill and bass. Raven Cliff Falls is beautiful, as is Dukes Creek. And all these rivers, lakes and falls are easily accessible and available year-round. Needless to say, these bodies of water are surrounded by lush forestlands and rolling grasslands that make beautiful hiking and picnic spots.

Your Bluegreen Vacations resort at Marble Hill

Bluegreen Vacations offers Golf Club Villas at Big Canoe and Petit Crest Villas at Big Canoe. The resort grounds offer 7,660 wooded acres in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.