Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Let the gaming begin in Atlantic City

The legalization of casino gambling marked a turning point for Atlantic City, and with it, the entire New Jersey shore. No longer was the historic shore known for platform-diving horses, improbable architecture and salt water taffy. When gaming came to Atlantic City, along with it came a renaissance. New hotels, upscale shopping, a fabulous outlet mall—now there are a dozen great reasons to visit Atlantic City on your vacation, even if you never throw the dice or pull a slot machine handle.

The beautiful Atlantic has always been there, of course, along with street names as familiar as your Monopoly® game. There’s still a Boardwalk for strolling and a dozen places for a hot dog or taffy, but the spirit is fresh and lively.

Truth is, when you stroll the historic Boardwalk as the afternoon sun casts long fingers of shadow out toward the beach and ocean beyond, you can feel the past all around you. You almost expect to see muscle men in long woolen swimming trunks sporting handlebar mustaches, ladies in bustled dress and parasols strolling arm-in-arm, and children flying kites or rolling hoops on the distinctive wooden walkway. The past, present and future come together in amazing Atlantic City, and it has never been more fun than right now.

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Your Bluegreen Vacations resort in Atlantic City

Bluegreen Vacations offers a resort right on the boardwalk. In the middle of all the fun, excitement and action is Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace.