Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Out for family fun? Winter adventure?
Dells is your go-to place.

Along with the state’s great cities—Madison and Milwaukee (and Green Bay, of course, during football season), Wisconsin is home to a network of perfectly charming small towns and picturesque rural communities. Organic farmers raise heritage vegetables and craft distinctive cheeses, while black and white Holsteins roam sun-dappled rolling hillsides.

And then there’s the Dells. Wisconsin’s state playground, the Dells is as old as time itself, carved by a meandering river over hundreds of generations. In the last 100 years, however, the Dells has become known for family fun. Offering every form of recreation from golf to shopping to indoor water parks, the Dells is the “go to” place for so many Midwestern families.

There’s an ongoing debate about which Wisconsin season is best. Fall is the most dramatic with the abundance of hardwood forests imbuing the state with Technicolor beauty. Winter can be cold, but frosty air and bright blue skies make it beautiful—and hearty Wisconsinites rarely hide indoors. Summer, of course, is the season for getting out and around. The calendar brims with festivals and special events. Through it all, the welcome mat is out for Wisconsin visitors.

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Bluegreen Vacations resorts in the Wisconsin Dells

Bluegreen Vacations offers two options. First, there’s Christmas Mountain Village. While it’s ideal for your next winter or holiday vacation, especially with on-site skiing, there’s still plenty of reasons to visit when the snow melts, like the on-site golf course. There’s also Bluegreen Odyssey Dells, an awesome resort that’s convenient to the waterparks that make Wisconsin Dells famous.