What is vacation ownership?

Vacation ownership is also known as timeshare. In the US, a timeshare is typically a vacation resort condominium unit with specific rights and privileges surrounding purchase and shared use.

Vacation ownership means taking control of your vacation time by committing to regular getaways. Since condominium units are more spacious than hotels, owners enjoy resort-style amenities with all the comforts of home. Choosing to use a vacation purchase regularly allows owners to see new sights, try new experiences and grow closer to family and friends.

Owning a timeshare is a gateway toward better and smarter vacationing. Your vacations can be tailored to your family’s needs, and ownership gives you the flexibility and choice to help your vacation memories last a lifetime.

Vacation ownership gives you access to great resorts in popular destinations, amenities that you can’t get in a hotel experience, amazing outdoor and indoor experiences, and incredible nearby sightseeing and culinary opportunities.

What does Bluegreen vacation ownership mean?

Owning a Bluegreen timeshare means you become part of a network of over 200,000 Bluegreen Vacations owners who have access to vacations at a variety of resorts in popular vacation destinations. Studies show that the more vacations we take, the happier we become, and Share Happiness is Bluegreen’s purpose.

Our purpose of Share Happiness is about maximizing happiness as a Bluegreen owner in all stages of the vacation experience, from booking to staying to experiencing to checkout.

Some of our owners have expressed what Share Happiness means to them. Take a look.

How do I use my Bluegreen Vacation Points?

As a Bluegreen owner, you’ll receive a regular allotment of Vacation Points each year depending upon the size of your initial purchase. Points are used to book vacations at any resort within the Bluegreen network, based on the size of the desired accommodations and availability.

Go on a vacation of your own and learn all about vacation ownership.