Where do I rent a timeshare?

  • Research timeshare companies with properties in areas you’d like to vacation.
  • Contact the company to inquire into rentals.
  • Alternately, check online listings of owners with timeshares for rent. You can also rent via popular online travel sites.

Does Bluegreen Vacations have a trusted rental partner?

Yes. Select Bluegreen Vacations resorts are available as rentals via their inclusion in the Choice Hotels Ascend Collection.

Considerations when renting a timeshare

Blackout periods

Most resort villas are offered up for rental during non-peak times and seasons. You won’t be able to rent during holidays or typical vacation times, as the villas are booked up by owners.

Lower priority

Bluegreen owners receive priority for booking, room views, upgrades and so forth. These are perks that someone renting does not have access to.

Full price

Vacation rentals are usually offered at close to full price, while a vacation package with tour is sold at a significant discount and can often include theme park tickets or other bonuses.

If you’re interested in learning more about timeshare, a better option than renting is to go on a vacation of your own and attend an informative presentation about the many benefits of owning your vacations.