What is a timeshare?

A timeshare is a shared ownership resort or vacation property, typically a resort condominium unit. Owners agree to a set of rules surrounding a shared and limited right to use, called a timesharing agreement. Timeshare is also known as Vacation Ownership. The most popular types of timeshare include:

Points Programs—owners purchase an allotment of Points to be used toward vacation stays within a resort group. This is how Bluegreen’s timeshare program works.

Fixed Week—Owners are deeded a single unit for a specified week each year. Also known as an interval system.

Flex Week—Owners rotate calendar usage of a unit to allow everyone a chance to stay during the most popular weeks at a particular resort.

Why do people buy timeshares?

  • Staying at a timeshare resort offers you a vacation experience that’s superior to a hotel stay. Timeshare accommodations are roomier, often have full kitchens and washer & dryer, and provides other desired amenities.
  • Over time, a timeshare ownership can help vacationers save money versus staying at hotels.
  • A timeshare purchase offers owners resort experiences at popular destinations.
  • Timeshare ownership unlocks access to exciting outdoor activities, attractions and other things to do near your vacation resort.
  • Several generations can stay in comfort and families can bond over leisure activities that create lasting memories.
  • It makes vacationing a priority to make the most of your timeshare purchase.

How do Bluegreen timeshares work?

  • You purchase a deeded interest in a specific timeshare property and receive an allotment of Bluegreen Vacation Points based upon the purchase value.
  • You may use these points to vacation at the property where you have the deed, or at our other Bluegreen club or associate resorts, based on availability and desired length of stay.
  • You can increase this yearly allotment of points by upgrading your Bluegreen Vacation Club ownership.
  • You can also exchange points through our trusted partner, RCI®, to stay at thousands of other resorts worldwide.

Do you have any timeshare purchasing advice?

  • Research a timeshare company before purchasing.
  • Be sure to read the contract thoroughly and know what you’re signing.
  • Become familiar with all rules and regulations, and take advantage of learning materials to help you become a smart timeshare owner.

What do all these timeshare terms mean?

Bluegreen Vacation Points

Based on your initial purchase of an interest in a Bluegreen property, you receive an allotment of Bluegreen Vacation Points that can be used at your home resort or at another Bluegreen resort, depending on availability and length of stay.

Bluegreen Vacation Club®

When you become a Bluegreen Owner, you also become a member of the Bluegreen Vacation Club, a network connecting 200,000 owners with a variety of resorts in popular vacation destinations around the country.

Exchange Company

An exchange brokerage company like RCI will allow you to exchange your Bluegreen Vacation Points and use them toward a stay at an out-of-network resort.

Home Resort

A resort where a new timeshare owner purchases the deed is called the home resort.

Interval System

Also called a fixed-week system, this is a type of timeshare ownership where the deed is tied in to a specific week each year.

Maintenance Fees

These are periodic fees that a timeshare owner is responsible for. They go toward management, improvements and upkeep of the property.

Points-Based System

A type of timeshare ownership where an owner receives an allotment of points and has the flexibility to use them throughout the year. Bluegreen ownership works on a points-based system.


This refers to the concept of shared ownership of a vacation property with specific rules for use that all parties agree on.

Vacation Ownership

Vacation Ownership is another way to say timeshare. It’s a more descriptive term because it refers to an owner’s active participation in his or her vacation adventure.

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