Why Vacation Ownership?

While it may not surprise you that people are happier when they’re on vacation, what may be surprising is that people who vacation more often are more satisfied with their lives than those who don’t. They also enjoy their jobs more, have happier marriages and have fewer health problems. The correlation is simple—the more you vacation, the happier you’ll be.

Vacation ownership with Bluegreen allows you to vacation, as much as you need to, when you need to. Plan a spontaneous weekend getaway, a two-week family vacation, and everything in between. Whether you book reservations a year in advance or two days ahead of time, Bluegreen Vacations ownership allows you to pick up and go when the mood strikes.

With over 60 Bluegreen resorts across the United States and Aruba to escape to, plus another 4,000 resort destinations across the globe through our friends at RCI (Resort Condominiums International). There may even be a relaxing Bluegreen Vacations resort a short ride away from where you’re sitting now.

Discover vacation ownership and enjoy a relaxing getaway of your own!